Good Timber

Good Timber

by Douglas Malloch   The tree that never had to fight For sun and sky and air and light, But stood out in the open plain And always got its share of rain, Never became a forest king But lived and died a scrubby thing.   The man who never had to toil To gain […]

In Defense of a Gentleman

In late 2011/2012 I got the kick to start posting videos to youtube.  In the production of these videos I used various songs for the background and one in particular has proven to be an extraordinary gentlemen that my humble blog must speak.  Unfortunately for you, I’ve been listening to Oscar Wilde, Jules Verne, and […]



16 Years Ago…

SIMSBURY — In 1998, Jacob Roecker, a local resident, was recognized for the sixth generation Roecker to join the U.S. Army in a feature article published on Jan. 2. The article, written by then-Courant Correspondent Phil Lemos, said that Roecker, 19 at the time, was preparing to leave for Fort Jackson, S.C., for boot camp. An excerpt […]

Health Care Freedom In 24 Months

Maybe I’m a little late to this game, but I have some thoughts about that new website where you can shop for healthcare.  I’d like to talk about what a great step forward this actually is–because no one seems to see it that way. We’re translating more and more of our lives in digits these […]

Healthcare .gov

Going Pink: Why I Ditched AT&T

AT&T has some of the nicest and most talented people in the industry working for it, but over the years those people seem to be the ones who are kept out of the boardrooms making decisions that make sense for their customers and away from the phone lines when I call. In 2006 after returning […]


Channel Master mini reel-to-reel tape recorder klein

I’ll Tell You A Tale of a Burglar Bold

  I found this audio gem on an old reel to reel tape at my grandmother’s house this weekend.  I found an MP3 version on Amazon for anyone who wants a different version. Here’s the lyrics I pulled online: I’ll sing you a song of a burglar bold Who went to rob a house. He […]

The Way We Treat Others

How we treat others says a lot about our character and one of my favorite examples comes from a 1950 Jimmy Stewart movie called Harvey.  It’s a rather peculiar story about a man who has large white rabbit for a friend and whose family insists he be committed to the local asylym.  This scene demonstrates […]



Connecting With The ISS

I believe that science provides a methodology to answering questions.  One of these days I’ll get around to writing about the importance of learning to ask good questions.  Until then, let me share with you a bit of an adventure I had with one of my questions. Can I Talk To The International Space Station? […]